GO TO SECOND LEG WHICH WOLVES WON 3-2 but lost on Pens ..with a fantastic performance - the only team to put 3 past the Saints this season.

Well although Saints won this 1-0 our boys played extremely well and must think that they can take them in the return leg next Wednesday and get through to the final. Saints hadn't expected a crowd of 5,621 and the turnstiles had difficulty coping with a queue right round the ground. Only o n e s i d e of the                                ground ppposite the benches was opened up, but it was a good crowd, with quite a few Wolves supporters spread around. Southampton youth team have only lost one match all season and are clear favourites to win the cup (? or perhapswere clear favourites).

However ref Tanner kicked off just about on time.  Here are Thomas Stewart and the very active Chris Cornes kicking off while Wlesh U21 keeper Wayne Hennessey watches.  Wayne made a couple of terrific saves to keep us in the tie. For the first ten minutes it looked as though we'd be slaughtered, with Saints wingers Theo Walcott and Nathan Dyer showing speed we weren't up to matching, but gradually right back Mark Little, who had an outstanding match, got control of Dyer, and everything settled for us. Even when the two wingers swapped sides, they still didn't get any change out of our full backs.


The Saints goal though did look a class apart as Leon Best waltzed past our defence to score in the 20th. (Pic link to Saints website) Obviously hyped up, he decided to clatter into our Thomas Stewart from the kick off but the ref missed it. In the early stages this was just one example of somewhat crude play from what is supposed to be a very talented team.  Saints crowd favourite Nathan Dyer also tried a couple of taps on Mark Little, but calmed down after about 20 minutes, and also faded a bit from the match. For the rest of the half though, their breaks down the wing were forced wide, and centrebacks Jonathan Taylor and Martin Riley contained almost everything that came through the middle. Saints McGoldrick did hit the post in the 30th from 25 yards, but even then were being pushed further out. Corner kicks looked dangerous but our centre backs dealt with them well or they skidded through with no Southampton contact.


Chris Cornes, although often isolated, played with the enthusiasm of an Alex Rae, (or, dare I say, Kenny Miller) and helped push the Saints back. Some Saints fans were asking whether he was over age (see “Stuart”’s report)! Pressure from him and Thomas Stewart showed Saints keeper Andrew McNeil as the match wore on to be very vulnerable and a bit more pressure at home might give us the breakthrough we need.

A couple of outstanding saves from our keeper who's just signed til 2008 Wayne Hennessey also helped to keep us in it. Near the end Saints got the ball in the net again through Best again as he swivelled on a long throw but it was disallowed by the linesman because Sparv was interfering with play and was offside.

Our passing was excellent throughout with some moves, that with just a small bit of luck could have brought us level.
Although that might have been a bit unfair on Saints, we would not have been unworthy.  Here’s a rare Wolves corner.

As the game wore on Mark Davies worked hard to drive our boys forward, winning the ball in midfield and showing some great touches. Here he is tackling back on Theo Walcott who’d been put clean through.  Mark forced him wide then took the ball

Wolves MOTM Mark Little but a good all round team performance and some warnings perhaps to our first team to start looking over their shoulders.  Especially at right back!

The defence withstood a lot of pressure, but Taylor (against Best) & Riley (against Walcott for much of the match) kept it simple and won almost everything that came their way. The lads came over to the stand at the end of the game and got a well deserved round of applause from the Saints fans.




So congratulations to the team and coach Chris Evans.

Individual scoring from “Stuart” on the Molineux Mix site:

A good battling performance from the young lads tonight but at times our midfield was simply ouclassed by a bigger and stronger team. Overall Southampton could have won by 3 or 4. They hit the post, had a goal disallowed and a good save from Hennessey in the last minute. We were restricted to just one real effort on target, this came after 10 minutes from Cornes, after the Soton keeper fluffed a clearance.
It is going to be a tough job for them next week to beat a very good Southampton side but the Southampton keeper is their weak point and if we can create more we stand a chance.

Hennessey - A mixed bag - kicking was superb, made 1 great save at the end but I felt he was at fault for the goal, with the Soton striker clean through he stuck to his line to long, after this he seemed nervy to come off his line
Little - MOTM, had a tough job marking the crowd favourite (and a player who, according to the locals, was subject to a 2m bid from Chelsea) Walcott, but he limited this guys contribution well and showed some great touches as well
Rafferty - Another one who performed well against a pacy winger
Riley - Assured performance, knew when to play it simple and looked good coming out defence with ball.
Taylor - Had a tough night up against Best, who is a talented striker
Davies - Was quiet in the 1st half but as the game wore he started to appear more in attacking positions and had our only shot on goal in the 2nd half, hitting over from 20 yard after holding off 3 players
Musson - Had an ok game but at times struggled against the big Southampton midfielders
Gleeson - Was probably the poorest player for Wolves tonight but he battled away
Stewart - Led the line well and held up play well and won headers in the air against defenders a lot taller than him
Cornes - He was up for this game. Soton Fans around me were questioning if he was young enough to play in the tie. Was superb in the 1st half but faded in the 2nd after picking 2 knocks early on. Did create a chance with a strong run but the ball was cleared for a corner. This guy is ready for the first team. Forget Davies, he has another year of learning ahead of him, Cornes however will be able to handle the step up. Had our best chance, a 25 yard shot which the keeper tipped around the post. Also put in many crunching tackles.
Collins - Tireless display, his game was all about defending in the 2nd half and he did it well
Fitzpatrick - A brief appearance, a few tackles but not much else.

More pictures and the Saints’ view at


FA Youth Semi Final second leg

Coaches John Perkins and Steve Wigley named unchanged teams from the first leg.

After all the appeals for the fans to turn up the great news that the Club had to open the Steve Bull Lower because of the attendance – and delay kick off by 15 minutes.  Crowd –  announced as 8,000+


Wolves: Wayne Hennessey, Mark Little, Conor Rafferty, Jonathon Taylor, Martin Riley, Mark Davies (Captain), Gareth Musson, Stephen Gleeson, Thomas Stewart, Chris Cornes, Lee Collins.
Subs: Jordan Fitzpatrick, Thomas Shepherd, Elliott Bennett, Joshua Ferran, Liam Hughes.

Saints: Andrew McNeil, Craig Richards, Kyle Critchell, Sean Rudd, Martin Cranie (Captain), Lloyd James, Tim Sparv, Theo Walcott, Nathan Dyer, David McGoldrick, Leon Best.
Subs: Ashlee Jones, Sebastian Wallis-Tayler, Feliciano Condesso, Josh Dutton-Black, Adam Lallana.

4 - Theo Walcott had the first sight of goal with a glancing header from Tim Sparv's right wing corner. It was a decent connection at the near post but he struggled to put much power on it and Wayne Hennessey was able to gather comfortably.
Moments later Saints were attacking again as David McGoldrick found Walcott's diagonal run from the right wing into the area with a clever through ball. Walcott carried the ball onto his left foot but his shot drifted across goal to Leon Best who hooked back for James and his shot from distance was saved by Hennessey.

- 6 - Tim Sparv made an important block on the edge of his own area as Stephen Gleeson shaped to shoot. Although the ball fell to Mark Little on the right hand edge of Saints area his cross was poor and the danger passed.

- 8 - Walcott had another good chance, this time running on to Best's through ball but Hennessey saved well in a one-on-one situation.

9 Free kick  to Saints, who push forward but it’s well cleared.  Cornes and Musson still a bit isolated.  But they have strung some passes together.

10th minute - McGoldrick catches out Martin Riley just outside the box and steals in slipping the ball under Wayne Hennessey. 2-0 down on aggregate.

Tom Stewart leads an attack but the cross curls out to give a goal kick.

Free kick to Wolves –Tommy Stewart breaks well Cornes to the penalty area to win a corner.  Headed wide by Riley

Long throw from Rafferty headed out, Craney to super-fast Walcott who makes 60 yards and prevents the cross.  Riley wins a free kick after some nifty work by Mark Davies.  Cornes goes for goal from some way out.

MOTM from the first match Mark Little moves on the left and forces a corner.  Curled in but headed out by Rudd.  Cornes brings it back in.  Davies should have been given a free kick, and takes it out on Rudd so Ref Joslin calms it down.

Saints out to Walcott who’s caught offside. 

Wolves again caught on the edge of the box and Lloyd James shoots but Wayne catches.  His  enormous clearance is headed on by Stewart but it goes through to the Saints goalie.

McGoldrick handles to end a Saints attack in which  Jonathan Taylor made three essential tackles.

20th Hennessey saves from Lloyd James.

24th minute and Wolves aren’t getting enough possession.  Musson to Stewart to Gleeson – who is fouled by James.

Mark Little is left a yard behind Dyer in our box but gets a match saving tackle in, to win a substantial  Davies backheel to Stewart and a promising attack but the final ball goes just behind two free Wolves.

Heavy tackle on Gleeson by Martin Cranie – the ref plays advantage but we lose control and he books Cranie. 

32 Another Saints attack is closed out by Martin Taylor.

Taylor caught out by Dyer, but Riley blocks and makes up for his loss, and clears to start an attack.  Soon comes back and it’s Musson back in the box helping out.

38 Dyer gets away from Little, but it’s intercepted.  Mark starts another attack but again it’s broken down by Saints.

But we have three players in a break  and it’s crossed for Cornes but he heads a foot wide.  This will provide some encouragement.

Cornes again and Musson wins a corner. It’s mishit and the ball richochets around – Cornes inches away from pushing it home from two yards – just beaten by a defender and is injured.

Best charges forward from just inside the Wolves half, but the eventual shot goes well into the North Bank,

Another Wolves attack – but headed by Stewart to the Saints goalie.  Cornes is back on the pitch but is struggling.

46th  Rudd blocks an on target shot and it goes out for a corner.  Cornes centres but we can’t quite get to it.

Looks like Cornes’ knock is going to stop him coming out.


SECOND HALF (Spurs have pulled 1 back against Ipswich)

Saints have come back strongly.  Unfortunately Chris doesn’t make it and Elliott Bennett.replace him

Ipswich equalise against Spurs. (3-1 agg)

Ball through the centre to Nathan Dyer bit another brilliant save from Wayne Hennessey.

Bennett’s first chance is cleared by the Saints . Davies breaks into the area but Musson fluffs the half chance.

Stewart flick on t Musson, Little’s shot is charged down.  Then he gets a strong warning after another foul.

Another Saints attack is broken down.

Ipswich now 4-1 on agg and that’s how it finishes.

Little prevents a Dyer attack.

Wolves win their first corner but McNeil comes off his line and catches it, and sends the ball out to Walcott.

Collins makes a clearance off the line, and the ball goes to Davies who turns and swivels putting the ball up to the right wing- Stewart has Cranie climbing all over him but the ref sees nothing wrong.

Saints win a corner.

Craig Richards heads the ball into the net but again, just as at St Mary’s the linesman rules him offside

30 seconds later and Tom Stewart runs across the area, shoots from the edge of the D and equalises in front of the North Bank.

Best fires the ball across the six yard box, but McGoldrick’s gone too far forward.  Hennessey goal kick can’t be controlled by Mark Little.  Lee Collins booked for bringing Walcott down who has to go off for treatment.  The free kick goes to Hennessey who launches long again and McGoldrick brings Musson down.  Seven gold shirts in the box, but Riley is judged to have fouled Rudd.  Rudd refuses to get up and the ref books him for time-wasting.  (Just what they were doing at St Mary’s) so well done Phil Joslin.

Another yellow – for Stephen Gleeson for an exuberant tackle.

Little clears from a Dyer attack.

Tom Stewart is injured and the goal scorer has to go off for treatment and Jordan Fitzpatrick is brought on.

Southampton long throw on the right is hooked clear but the linesman awards a goal kick.

8 to go - Fitzpatrick scores – chipping the goalie from 30 yards. 2-1 – all square – and no away goals counting double.

Another attack stopped by Kyle Critchell who gets booked.    Saints bring on  sub.Lallana - for Wallcott!   McNeill catches the free kick and wins a free kick.

Hennessey out of the area to clear

Last 5 minutes.  High ball into the Wolves area, but Best is beaten to it and the ball goes over for a free kick.  A long ball is well cut out by Taylor.  McGoldrick brings it back in and Saints are exerting a lot of pressure until Lallana is caught offside.

Dyer pushes Little in a chase and the free kick Gleeson to Musson in the area but Saints’ Richards clears it.  Back to the other end but again the Saints fizzle out.

Last minute and everyone comes up but it’s a poor corner. 

Davies to Musson to Fizpatrick and another corner.

Five minutes of stoppage time to be added.  The corner goes right across the box for a throw to Saints.

Saints free kick into the box and Hennessey wins easily from Richards. 

Fitzpatrick makes a mistake but Dyer misses the chance.  Hennessey long again but we win a throw. 

So it’s into extra time… with the threat of penalties to decide the match if it’s still level.

Riley again makes a match saving block.

Wolves attack, and they’re forced to concede a free kick against Bennett who is causing more problems for the Saints defence. 

A Saints free kick is tipped over the bar with another great Hennessey save.  From the corner Wolves try to break out but Rudd puts the ball out.  Southampton press again, but Hennessey came 15 yards to take the ball.

Lallana misses.

Many signs of tiredness on our poor pitch.

Another attack with two minutes to go leads to a corner which Gleeson clears.  He again clears the long throw from Richards.  Davies gives a free kick and the Saints push forward but Richards can’t quite get to the long centre

Bennett breaks clear and shoots but McNeil saves.

Second half.

A fantastic run on the right and Mark Little shoots.  Richards clears but it’s almost an own goal.  Mark Davies can’t quite reach the corner.

Little goes forward again, ball breaks out.  Gleeson’s tackle is thought to be reckless  and he’s yellow carded – but it’s his second and he has to walk in the 110th minute.

Bennett stays up to keep pressure on, and there’s a brief break.  Another attack by Mark Davies wins a corner.  Riley gets a touch and it’s forced home by England captain Mark Davies.  3-1 on the night and 3-2 on aggregate.  We’re the only team to put three past the Saints this season.

Saints come back and our goalie beats it away.

Two Saints subs – Pondesso replaces Rudd and Wallace-Taylor replaces Critchell with 5 to go.  Strong pressure again.   The attack is cleared.  Another attack but Richards heads wide. Critchell is still down injured.  Leon Best bundles the ball in with three to go.

Pressure by Bennett on McNeil in the area but McNeil manages to grab the ball. 

Leon Best gets clean through but again Wayne Hennessey pulls off another great save.  One minute left with a Saints corner.  Richards goes for it and it bounces off Condesso.


Pens taken at the empty South Bank end.

 Davies       1–0 – McNeil warned for moving off the line

 Best           1- 1 but hurts himself

Fitzpatrick  1-1 McNeil saves.  Ref does

Lallana       1-2  sends Hennessey the wrong way

Musson      2-2

 James        2-3

Taylor        3-3

Sparv          3-4

Bennett       4-4

McGoldrick 4-5

Saints go through, but what a fantastic performance by our “no hopers” as the Saints website thought it would be before the first leg!


An excellent commentary from Radio WM’s Mike Taylor and Daz Hale


Side story from Radio WM – the league wanted to stop the Saints team playing in stripes “because the commentators couldn’t read the names or numbers”!!!  Some debate as to whether that applied to the Baggies as well.

Eye-witness views from the Express & Star Molineux Mix


hampshire wolf

14-04-2005 01:00 PM

What an enjoyable game.....

I was worried Southampton might give us a bit of a stuffing early on as there three forwards were full of pace and scared the hell out of our defence and they duly went 1 up after Riley was caught in possession...As the game wore on however we seemed to get a grip more and more and the goal eventually came when Tom Stewart ran across the pitch before hitting a great left foot shot back across to the corner he ran from, good goal. Wolves were now in the ascendancy and a fantastic placed chip from sub Jordan Fitzpatrick sent Wolves into the lead on the night and there looked only one winner from here.

Extra time came and both teams had chances before Gleeson was given a second yellow card for a rather late enthusiastic challenge... Hold out for the Pens i thought but young Elliot Bennett won a corner and when that was headed back across goal by Riley (i think) two Wolves players missed it but it fell invitingly for Davies who cracked home a half volley from 6 yards to the delight of the 8803 crowd....As for the first goal one of the Wolves players made a dreadful error of judgement when he decided to chest the ball back to the keeper in a crowded penalty area, it was never going to reach and the Saints forward could not miss and didn't...


Davies, Taylor, ? and Bennett all cooly slotted home but Fitzpatrick who had sent the game into extra time missed his with the second Wolves Penalty and Wolves were out....

It was my first viewing of MARK DAVIES and i was surprised at how small he was (5ft 5 ish?), his style was similar to Alex Rae, he knew when not to play the ball, would turn quickly to give him a few extra seconds to pick the right pass, for a small lad he never shirked a tackle similar to Rae again... Davies runs with the ball at times and has an abundance of skill to take him past players, must say i was quite impressed even if he did go missing occasionally..

Hennessy.... Had an excellent game, came and collected some crosses when the pressure was on which is a good sign, never really looked like saving a penalty guessing the wrong way for all 5 penalties.

Little..... What a fantastic player he looks, started at right back and has lots of pace. Was then switched to follow the pacy Saints winger who switched from time to time only to be followed by Little... Also got forward well and caused Saints trouble with his own pace and skill. It was only one game but i wouldn't mind seeing him in instead of Edwards to be honest..... Not sure how old he is but i hope he gets a contract asap on this showing...

Riley..... He got better as the game wore on but didn't really have the best of games, would like to see him again.

Cornes..... A bit isolated and for all his running and physical presence didn't get in the game really, another one i would like to see again..

The whole team really battled well and i was surprised at how much i got into it, cheering our 3rd in particular like a first team goal had been scored... Gutted for them losing as they did but some good prospects certainly....






Wolfie - punch-up winner